Friday, 8 January 2016

Cooking Stories Series:1 Cow

My sunshine, my little bundle of joy came in our life and every thing changed. I had never imagined that I can cook random stories, but seems my LO is developing these qualities in me.

Yesterday night while putting him to sleep, I cooked one story for him.There is no logic or reasoning behind these stories, these were random thoughts coming in my mind one by one and I started imagining with him and our story was ready! 

This is how our Cow story goes...

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Once upon a time there was a cow. she was very hungry and was looking for food. But she could not find any food which was healthy and clean. So, she went to GOD and explained her problem.

GOD said, I will create  green grass, plants, tree, shrubs, fruits for you to eat and clean lake, river, fountains to drink water. This solved cow's problem and she went home happily.

Now, cow started eating grass, fruits, plants and drank fresh water. But with so much eating she was becoming fat. Due to so much over eating she gained  huge weight. Now she found it very difficult to walk around and became very lazy. 

One day she fall sick and requested GOD that you have given me every thing to eat but this has made me lazy and fat, due to which I am falling sick. Please help me in solving this problem.

GOD, said there is only one way we can solve this problem. You can produce milk and give it to children and other needy people around you every day. This way what ever you eat and drink will get digested and your body will also be healthy. Since then cow started giving milk to us, which is full of nutrition. She is no longer fat and lazy. 

God has solution for every problem, you just tell him once and he will fix it for you, just the way he did it for Cow.

My LO pronounces COW and "Cau"

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