Sunday, 17 April 2016

Quinoa salad

New super food which is vegan and full of antioxidants is Quinoa.This time when B went to U.S, I requested him to bring a small pack of quinoa assuming it will be cheaper there, but to my surprise it is expensive everywhere!
Qunioa is very versatile food and can be used in different ways.

How to cook quinoa

Soak 1/2 cup  in water for 30 minutes and then cook them in a deep vessel with 1cup water and salt until fluffy and soft. This will look like rice grain.


Iceberg lettuce
Firm English Tomatoes
English cucumber
Boiled eggs

How to assemble salad

  • Take a chilled glass bowl and arrange first layer of lettuce.
  • Now another layer of round cut cucumber and radish.
  • Add Layer of cooked quinoa
  • Add layer of lengthwise cut tomatoes
  • Add qyinoa
  • Add some nuts like walnuts or other seeds like pumpkin or sunflower you have.
  • Add salt,pepper and lime juice
  • Give it a light mix
  • Decorate with boiled egg.
  • Keep in fridge for 30 minute and your protein rich salad is ready.


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