Thursday, 7 February 2013

Idli Using Idli Rava

No, more idli batter shopping from market to get soft idli, as now I can prepare my own super soft idli batter at home.. isn't it nice :)

I am big fan of Idli and would like to prepare it at home almost every week. I have tried making idli with normal rice, but they were not so soft and that's why my search was still on for soft idli.  Last week while doing my search on internet I came across Pratibhas's blog and found this easy recipe using idli rava. I have made changes here and there but idli's were yummy softlucious .. :)

I have to admit I had lots of apprehensions in mind, as I had never prepared idli using idli rava. but there will be first time for every thing... so it was for idli rava :)


2 1/2 cup Idli rava
1 cup Urad dal
1/2 cup Poha/Flatten rice
1/2tsp methi dana/ fenugreek seeds
Salt to taste
3 cup water for grinding and steaming

Preparation for Idli Batter:
  • Soak urad dal and fenugreek seeds for 3-4 hours.
  • Soak idli rava and poha for 2 hours. Rava drinks lots of water in comparison to rice.
  • Drain excess water from urad dal and fenugreek mix and grind it to smooth paste using very little water.
  • Drain excess water from idli rava and poha mix and grind it for another 5 mins alog with urad dal paste. Add little water if required to get smooth thick paste.
   Note :You will need to squeeze excess water from rava using your hands, otherwise it will be very watery.
  • Take out this batter in deep vessel and cover it with a lid . Leave it for next 8-9 hours for fermenting. I kept it overnight as I was preparing idli's next day morning. Batter will be almost double in size after fermenting.

Idli Preparation:
  • Add little water if idli batter is too thick and mix well.
  • Add salt to batter.
  • Grease idli mould/plate and pour 3/4 of batter in each module. 
  • Take 2 cups of water in pressure cooker .
  • Place idli modules in pressure cooker without whistle (weight). Make sure you have removed whistle from the pressure cooker /
  • Let it cook on medium - high flame for next 10 -12 mins.
  • Dip spoon in water to remove idli from each mould.
  • Server hot idli with sambhar and tomato chutney.

: Idli rava is different than normal rava/ soji that we use for making rava idli,but  you can easily find it in any shop in south India, not sure of northern parts of India.


Gauri said...

I love idli's too, they are great for breakfast and brunch. You had asked where i found the radish with the greens. I shop at the local vegetable vendors - those sitting outside the parks/ thelawalas who usually have the greens on the radish, yes malls always remove them!

SohNi said...

Thanks Gauri for visiting my blog..I'll check out local market to get fresh green leafy veggies...

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